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Built for software houses who want to giddy-up their team

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Main Features

Improve the quality of service you provide

  • Understand your organization

    Overview your company evolution and identify the best & worst projects.

  • Evaluate the project's progress

    Get a monthly analysis for each project, team allocation and track high level issues.

  • Make sure your team is heard

    Provide a place for your members to voice their thoughts and issues.

Manage your team

Manage your team

  • Increase visibility

    All your projects and analysis in a single place, easy to consult and browse through.

  • Overview progress

    Track your company continuous evolution by participating in the process with the team.

  • Identify projects

    Highlight projects with the highest rate, biggest progress variation or underperforming.


All votes count

  • Provide feedback

    Vote and present your concerns. Help the team identifying the priority issues.

  • Define actions

    Identify possible solutions and define a concrete course of action that may solve the issues.

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Time to get digital

Do you want to make the old process digital? Giddy makes it easier, allows team members to vote, and improve project performance over time.

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  • Rated projects
  • Team feedback
  • Analyse performance